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Aircraft piston engines

  • EASA certified in the category of "General Aviation"
  • High degree of reliability proven over the last 60 years
  • Excellent power to weight ratio of 0,85kg / kW
  • Robust engineering that guarantees a TBO (time before overhaul) of 2000 hours
  • Reliability proven in extreme wather conditions with low/high air temperatures and humidity (from -40°C to +40°C and humidity of 35-100% up to altitudes of 6000 meters)
  • Engines are designed and engineered with acrobatic use in mind (+6/-3,5g up to +8/-5g)
  • Certified to run on automotive MOGAS according to EN228
  • Low combined fuel consumption of 233g / kW / hr
  • Supercharging allows performances in high altitudes
  • Lowest frontal drag resistence in their category



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