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26. 04. 2013Test flight of the Arado 96 replica with a LOM engine was successful

The Arado Ar96 was a german WW2 era training airplane. It was incepted based upon a requirement from the Luftwaffe, which demanded a prototype of a modern single-wing aicraft with a metallic fuselage. The first prototype of the AR96 made its debut flight in the year 1938 and a year later the airplane started rolling off the production line. These airplanes were equipped with an Argus As10C engine, which soon proved underpowered. It was therefore replaced with a more powerful Argus As410 A-1 engine. The engines were not solely made in Germany, they were also manufactured  in the company Avia Praha and later in the Letov Praha factory. The third Reich also supplied this aircraft to its allies: Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia. After the end of WW2 the aircraft was further produced in the Czechoslovakia designated as Avia C2 and Avia C2B. These aiplanes were also exported.


Check out some videos from the successful maiden flight of the replica!