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14. 03. 2017Documents publication

On 13.3.2017, in compliance with Service Letter No. 0006-2006 and in favor of the better acces to information for the aviation authorities, service organisations and users of the LOM piston engines the following documents were published:

- Operator´s Manual

- installation Manual

- Spareparts catalogue M137A,AZ 

- Spareparts catalogue M337A,AK,AK1

- Spareparts catalogue M132A,AK

- Spareparts catalogue M332A,AK

- Spareparts catalogue M332B,C

- Spareparts catalogue M337B,C

- Supplement Manual M337C

- Supplement Manual M332C


These scanned versions correspond to the latest valid revisions and can be used as a primary source of information. By printing out or downloading the documents become uncontrolled. The used is obliged, before use, to check for the latest revision online. Revision updates will be annonced in the News box on the web.